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Our ALL AMERICAN PRODUCTS , BUILD and SERVICE, sets us apart from the rest !!!

Custom Aluminum Boat Trailer

A little background info on the family as the owners of AAA Marine Trailers here in Miami Fl. Javier Picon the owner of AAA Marine Trailers is the youngest of the Picon family. His father Humberto Picon was the founder of Carrera Power Boats in the late 70's. Carrera was sold back in 2002. Since graduating from high school he spent some time as a marine mechanic, charter fisherman, marine electrician, and is licensed captain of which he still puts to use for a very small group. As his family grew he slowly stepped away from fishing and traveling as he no longer wanted to travel. As he evaluated which direction he was going to go he started to purchase and sell boats, this is where he saw the need for quality work with clear communication with his clients as he saw that is a need for in the industry here in South Florida. The companies he was contracting in the industry with all knowledge he had and still felt he was being taken advantage of as well as the lack of communication, delivery dates, and actual help after it was done paid for. He evolved into the trailers as saw the void there as well. He has a great passion for the marine industry and likes for things to be done right. Hopefully we can get you going on a quality build here at AAA Marine Trailers.

AAA Marine trailers is looking to provide custom quality built aluminum trailers at reasonable prices without jeopardizing the quality of service, the turn-around time on the build, and quality of their products, in order to lead the way in the industry. 

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